Event representations in episodic and semantic memory

January 9-10, 2017

Workshop aims

The aim of this workshop is to promote discussion and cross-fertilisation among language, episodic and semantic memory researchers investigating cognitive and brain representations of objects and agents sharing a situation or spatio-temporal context. In doing so, we hope to increase our understanding of how our brains encode, remember and store real world experiences.  

A great proportion of research in episodic memory has focused on the recollection of items and associations (relational memory), often using words and pictures as stimuli. Despite great interest in space representations, much less attention has been paid to our recollection of real world events, which are arguably basic units in the perception and recollection of familiar experiences.

In semantic memory and language research on the other hand, most current research has focused on the representation of objects and their properties, which may include action-related properties (e.g., the way objects are manipulated). Thus, representations of events containing objects, agents and sequences of actions (e.g., making tea) have received less attention.

Importantly, episodic and semantic memory clearly come together when we experience familiar events, because prior knowledge influences the way we encode, retrieve and consolidate event instances. Although earlier research in the twentieth century noted the role of prior knowledge on the organisation of experiences (e.g. Bartlett 1932), our understanding of event representations remains fragmentary to this day.


The workshop will consist of a series of talks by invited speakers, open discussion among participants and a poster session. Talks will take place in the afternoon of the first day and throughout the second day. The registration cost includes tea, coffee and biscuits for the duration of the workshop and lunch on the second day.


Poster session
The poster session will take place at lunch time on January the 10th, 2017.


Local organiser
: Dr. Silvia Gennari

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